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Meredith Noble + Alexandra Lustig Founders of
The Grant Writing Unicorn Collectives

 "  Hands down, the best thing that happened to us in 2021 was meeting DST. I wasted two years looking abroad for a VA and trying to train someone up locally. It always felt like more work than time was being saved. Not anymore!

Inbox management might not sound like a technical skill, but it is when you want to be represented like you would write. Our Admin Partner has given me my Sunday's back. I used to spend hours on the weekends catching up so I would feel better rolling into the week. Now I am in my inbox once a day and sometimes not even for a few days. Talk about time buyback!

We even gave our Admin Partner the responsibility of managing failed payments from our customers. This is a role that, on the whole, is automated, but often requires thoughtful handling. Our Admin Partner at DST understood this relatively complex system in our business within days and was off and running.

Website work too? Yes! Team DST can code in HTML/CSS etc. for our custom website built in GoLang. In the five months, we have been working together on website updates, she has easily saved me two weeks. That's a lot of time and headache!

Every time we need a new skill set, DST has grown to include that capacity. DST has caused us to completely rethink hiring and growing. As a small bootstrapped startup, it is hard to get specialized expertise across all the disciplines we need help with within our online course business. Now, we can come to Team DST and find *exactly* what we want and be up and running the next day with that person. In other words, instead of hiring more employees ourselves, we foresee ourselves continuing to increase our time with DST as we scale.

This is no exaggeration to say that I don't know where our business would be today if not for DST. We are exponentially faster and more effective with DST at our side as partners. I would guess that our ROI is 20 to 1 based on the value DST brings to us on a monthly basis. They are true systems experts, share our values, and are filled with a radiant team of capable leaders. Latrice Prater knows how to build teams and culture.

Thank you, team DST. As mushy or inappropriate as this may sound, WE LOVE YOU!