Freedom To Design Your Life

 Get ready for a FUN episode! Latrice Prater is a confident, savvy businesswoman and also a Navy veteran. With a varied (“crazy”) career, she shows you how to just go for it.

How Authenticity Attracts Your Ideal Clients

In this episode, I’m talking to The Virtual Pro herself Latrice Prater discusses how she and her team helped multiple female CEO's receive the support they need to not only drive productivity but bring clarity and authenticity to their brand.


Black History Month & Virtual Assistants 

{BLOG POST} Latrice Prater of Latrice Prater, E.V.A., is this week’s featured Virtual Assistant during Black History Month. The AVA is excited to share more about Latrice with you

Celebrating Latrice Prater

{BLOG POST} The Association of Virtual Assistants celebrates Black History Month and is taking special consideration to recognize its members during the month of February. Last year the AVA highlighted Latrice during Black History Month and Latrice was just getting started as you’ll find out in our interview. It’s been exciting to watch as Latrice has quickly grown her company, her team, and made a name for herself in the VA industry.